I produced a series of work intends to express the notion of loss, by embodying the human navel as a mark, a trauma that is inscribed on each of us. My work in this series comprises of imprints of navels of actual individuals, collected and registered onto fabrics. Each of these imprints is accompanied by stitching, which is a further marking of the mark and names the fabric. 

"Toys Are We" is a combination between painting and sculpture to represent the complex notion of objecthood. I intend to create a physical context for the viewers to experience a sense of objects through the painting in a form of soft sculpture (toys) that focuses on the spectacle of human person as an object. I used the toy concept because a toy is an item that is used in play. Playing with toys is a way of training young children for life in society. Thus, we continue our adulthood as ‘living toys’ in a sense that we move about and exist in the world as objects among objects in order to be a subjectivity or identity to ourselves and to others. 

Prior to this series I worked on a series of painting and stitches to represent the complex notion of loss. The notion of loss has been an integral part of my artistic temperament. We enter the world as foreigners and forever submit ourselves to a profound sense of not belonging. Our existence will always be structured by loss and unbelonging, which entail our eternal desire to belong. 






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