Elham Shafaei was born in 1983, Rasht - Iran. She received her B.A Bachelor of Painting (Arts) in Science and Culture University, Tehran, Iran. In 2010 She moved to Malaysia where she obtained M.A (Fine Arts) in Papermaking and PhD (Fine Arts) in Painting that examined the role of melancholia in creative life through studio research as well as a written dissertation. In 2016 she relocated to Sharjah, UAE, where she currently resides and pursues her studio practice. The notion of Loss has been an integral part of Elham’s artistic temperament. In fact, Loss is a rather universal phenomenon for we all begin with a fundamental Loss, which is that of the maternal body. We began our being as a continuity with another body and become an individual by virtue of the cutting of the umbilical cord and thus we fell into the world. We enter the world as foreigners and forever submit ourselves to a profound sense of not belonging. Our existence will always be structured by Loss and unbelonging, which entail our eternal desire to belong. Love, family, friendship, patriotism, even work itself are among the names of this desire. Elham’s art extends the names of this desire through melancholic faces, cuttings and stitches that express the idea of being removed, displaced, transplanted and re-attached.

Currently she works as the Editor and Co-Founder at Contemporary Identities International Online Art Magazine.


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